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Cakes By Kristi Fondant Tutorial Series

One thing is for sure- the most popular items in my shop for the past few years has been my fondant sprinkles. I get asked all the time how to make them, so I finally decided to start a tutorial series that builds up your sprinkle skills from basic to complicated designs!

Now, these are actually the PERFECT stay-at-home fondant tutorials. There is a lot of waiting around and down time associated with fondant sprinkle creation that just wouldn't really be OK during an in-person class. Each tutorial comes with a PDF instruction packet and supply list with tons of in process pictures and a link to the video tutorial to help you learn all my tips and tricks to creating perfect fondant sprinkles that your clients, family, and friends will absolutely love!

If you've ever been interested in creating your own sprinkles from fondant- now is the time to learn!

The first two full length tutorial videos in the series- Rainbows and Watermelons- have already been released to my Sugar Addict Patrons on Patreon ($10/month). In fact, all of April (and part of May) will be focused on creating fondant sprinkles, and the designs will only get more complicated from here on so I am super excited to challenge myself (and you guys) to create awesome fondant art.

You can also purchase the tutorials individually from my Etsy shop although it is more expensive to do so.

I can't wait to help you create the sprinkles of your dreams!!

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