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Yoda One For Me Pie Art Tutorial is LIVE

You guys I'm so excited to share my newest full length Patreon tutorial with you! In this 24-minute long tutorial that includes a recipe, pdf templates, a silhouette stencil file, tips, and tricks, I'll show you how to create amazing pie art that will have all your friends and family saying

"I can't cut this! It's too awesome! YOU have to do it!"

"Doesn't it upset you to spend so much time on something only to have it eaten immediately?!"

"I'll never eat a pie cooler than this one ever again!"

...and so on... you get the picture :)

This tutorial covers FlexFrost lace and stenciling with cocoa powder, as well as making, coloring, cutting, painting, detailing, baking, and transferring your pie crust toppers!

This tutorial is available to all my Sugar Addict Patreons ($10/month tier)! Fret not! My Sweet Supporters ($1/month) and Sugar Junkies ($5/month) still get behind the scenes photos with a few added tips and tricks! Happy pie making, everyone!

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