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An Awesome Experience

So you watched our episode- what did you think?! Erin and I had such an amazing experience competing on Sugar Rush Christmas even though we didn't end up making it into the final round. Here are some answers to some of the frequently asked questions I have been getting about our experience!

Where and when did you film?

We filmed our episode in Burbank, California (aka LA) in February 2019!! That's right- we had to keep it a secret for MONTHS before being able to tell the world! We actually started interviewing for the show in September 2018!

Is it really only three hours for the first and second rounds?

Yes! The clock is 100% real, and it stops for NOTHING! Not even when you press your buzzer and you're waiting for the judges to come taste everything! The time goes by so fast though that you don't even have time to look at the clock!

How long was filming?

Filming took three days. On our first day we arrived and did our pre interview. The second day was the competition, and the third day was the exit interview. Filming a show involves A LOT of waiting around for when they need you. On the day that we actually filmed the competition, we arrived at the studio at 7am, but did not start filming until 10am! People definitely under estimate how long it takes to create all the TV magic!

Did you guys do anything in LA other than film?

The awesome thing about filming TV shows is that when they fly you to the filming location, they almost always ask if you would like to extend your stay before flying back (on your own dime of course). After our exit interviews, Erin and I were lucky enough to each have a friend in LA to get to hang out with! While Erin flew out the next day, I actually stayed two additional days with one of my best friends in Santa Monica at a cheap motel near the beach!

What did you guys do after elimination?

After being eliminated, we were shuttled back to the hotel where we both passed out for a few hours before heading out to dinner with a friend of Erin's. While I can't remember where we went for dinner, I will always have the night seared into my brain. Why? Because everything- and I do mean EVERYTHING- was covered in rosemary. PIZZA. FRIES. ERIN'S BURGER HAD A WHOLE ROSEMARY SPRIG STICKING OUT OF THE TOP. Did they KNOW we had just used rosemary heavily in our cookie and that we were trying our hardest not to think about it because we hadn't gotten over it yet?! We will never know.

How were the other competitors?

All of the other competitors were so incredibly nice and friendly. There was absolutely no ill will between any of us before or after filming. I'm genuinely happy for Kevin and Mayra on their win!

Do you have any regrets?

Absolutely not. If given the chance at a redo, we probably would have done everything the same way. When you compete on a show, you never know what your competition will bring to the table. All of the film crew repeatedly told us that had we been given another theme, or a different set of competitors- even a different guest judge- we definitely could have won. Our work was clean, tasted amazing, and showed off our skills. We were professional, and we had a great time. (And yes- we are still friends)

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