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New Time Lapse Tutorial!

Another new time lapse tutorial is up on the Cakes by Kristi Youtube Channel! Now you can check out how to make a quick and easy Military Nurse Caduceus cake topper using some basic tools and a silicone wing mold! (Wing mold link is listed at the end of this post!) Now I know most of you are asking- Kristi, what the hell is a 'caduceus'??? That's what I was thinking too until my customer explained what it was- a symbol you see ALL THE TIME, especially in the medical field! Well, be prepared to learn something new:

A caduceus is a herald's wand with two serpents wrapped around it and is typically associated with the messenger god Hermes (or Mercury depending on whether you want to go Greek or Roman). It is also associated with healing, which is why you see it all over medical professionals, hospitals, and medical supplies!

This topper was a custom order through my Etsy shop! I really love getting custom orders like this for a few reasons:

1. I get to utilize one of my many, many molds. (Major bonus)

2. It's new, and therefore fun to figure out how to create it in the best way possible, while still making it affordable for the customer.

3. I get to make a fun time lapse tutorial for you!

You can check out the new time lapse video HERE!

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