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I know, I know, "Haven't you been back for a while?". Yes- but I have been SO busy I haven't had any time to tell you all what an AMAZING time I had at SoFlo at the end of April and give you updates on what I'm up to! So without further adieu...


What an AWESOME show! It was the biggest cake show I have been to, hands down. Those Floridians- they know how to throw a cake show, you know?! Check out some of the photos from the show below!

ABOVE: The realistic apple blossom branch I made in the floral masterclass I took with Robert Haynes! Botanically correct, and super realistic!

BELOW: Robert Haynes, international sugar flower instructor, and myself. If you EVER have the chance to take a class from him, do not hesitate. He is full of information and wants to share it with everyone!

ABOVE: All of us are concentrating hard in the facial expression class with Sachiko Windbiel.

BELOW: Sachiko and I holding my (semi finished) mermaid bust from the class I took with her. It is amazing how much you can learn from different teachers about facial sculpting. Sachiko's techniques were super helpful, and I have already implemented her techniques into my work!

ABOVE: I was SUPER excited to be asked to demo at Icing Images booth during the show! Here I am with my terrarium pieces that I am demoing!

BELOW: One of the terrariums I made. All edible! Made from Simi Isomalt, Icing Images Simi Transfer Sheets, royal icing, chocolate cake, and gumpaste succulents! I used the Simi Transer Sheets to create layers of sediment.

Below are the pictures of my competition piece. It didn't place, but I definitely learned a lot about what not to do next time!

What Now?

MORE Tutorials! In an effort to work my way up to teaching cake classes, I am working on more awesome tutorials! You can check out the latest on on the Cakes by Kristi YouTube channel HERE.

Here's a little sneak peek... any Moana fans out there?! Check it out! A BLACKLIGHT REACTIVE Heart of Te Fiti cake!

ABOVE: Regular lighting

BELOW: Cake under the blacklight

So in short, keep your eyes peeled for amazing things coming your way! New tutorials, awesome cakes, and more!

And as always, THANK YOU so much for your support- be it just reading my few and far between blog posts, ordering cakes or toppers, or just spreading the word about Cakes by Kristi- I truly appreciate your support and I wouldn't be able to do the thing I love most if not for YOU!

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