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Products I Love

Every product I have listed is a product that I love and use. Click the product to be taken to a website to purchase it!

Innovative Sugarworks

Sugar Smoothers

The absolute BEST tools on the market for smoothing buttercream or ganache- especially on sculpted cakes. I use these exclusively on all my sculpted creations. An absolute MUST for any caker.

Color Shapers, #2

I know, they look just like the Innovative Sugarworks tools- but they are MUCH softer than the soft tip sugar shapers, and so I use mine for ultra soft detailing. Definitely a must for figurine making. And the pointed one is perfect for running over your fondant quilting lines without tearing the fondant.

Innovative Sugarworks

Turntable Expander

If you ever make cakes that are over 12 inches in diameter, you know what a pain it is to frost it on a small turntable. So don't stress about it anymore, and just get yourself one of these guys already! They are also great for 1/4 and 1/2 sheet cakes!

Innovative Sugarworks

Mini Soft Top Sugar Shapers

By far some of the most used tools in my arsenal, the Mini soft tip Sugar shapers are my best friends. Essential for sculpting and figure work. Also available in the larger size.

John Boos Maple Wood Top Work Table

I do all my caking on THIS table. It's super sturdy and very durable. Came without a scratch on it and I have never looked back. Absolutely essential when you get your own space!

Innovative Sugarworks

Mini Firm Tip Sugar Shapers

Although I do not use these as much as their soft tipped partners, they do get a fair amount of use, especially when working with harder materials like ganache and modeling chocolate.

Spring Action Easy Snips with Micro Serrated Edge Embroidery Scissors

I was introduced to these while watching Shalie Socher's AMAZING tutorials on Sugar Geek Show. Essential for making sugar flowers, berries, and leaves. Get yourself a pair- you will not regret it.

Herb Mincer

Let's talk about how awesome this handy little dude is. Ever have a hard time cutting thin and even stripes? NOT ANYMORE! Herb mincer to the rescue! I use this for making thin bands and stripes as well as fondant confetti!

Simi Isomalt

Don't even get me started on how much I love this isomalt! Gone are the days of me standing over a pot of boiling isomalt crystals, and I gotta tell you, it feels great!!! You literally just have to heat the isomalt in the microwave. Yep, it's that easy.

Black Cocoa Powder

Black cocoa?! Do I really need that? What's the difference between that and 'regular' cocoa?? The acidity it a bit different, as well as the flavor! I find it is also a bit richer than dutch process. This stuff is used in things like oreo or ice cream sandwich cookies. I use it in my chocolate cake- no regrets!

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