How To Order

***Cakes By Kristi will not be taking orders from July 2019-August 2019, NO EXCEPTIONS***

Decide what Flavors you would like VIEW FLAVOR GUIDE          




Decide How Many People You Need To Serve & The Size You Would Like                 




Decide What You Want Your Cake To Look Like

Here's Some Suggestions on What You Should Consider When Choosing Your Cake Design:

                                                  -Look at pictures of cakes online, in books, or other sources.

                                                  -What shape do you want your cake (Round, Square, Heart, etc)?

                                                  -What colors do you want to be used in the cake design?

                                                  -Bring/send in a photo of a cake (or cakes) that you like.

                                                  -Do you have anything non edible you want on the cake (Real Flowers, toppers, etc)?

                                                  -Draw up what you want your cake to look like (if you're artistically inclined), or have me draw it up for you.

                                                  -Define your budget, and plan accordingly. (The more detailed the cake, the more the labor costs)


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