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There are tons of cake artists out there- so why choose me? Cake is my passion. Follow my cake journey below and see how I've progressed since the beginning!
All the work featured on this page was made by Kristi Caccippio in a class taught by professional instructors. Each section details the instructor, class location and length as well as the focus of the classes.
Natalie Sideserf:
Hanging Cow Skull Cake Class 

Where: PRF Marketing (Elmhurst, Illinois, USA)

Focus: 8 hour class focusing on hanging cake structure, and modeling a skull cake using rice cereal treats and modeling chocolate as well as a minor focus on painting techniques

Nicholas Lodge:
Renshaw Sugar Flower Module

Where: International Sugar Art Collection (Norcross, Georgia, USA)

Focus: Three 8-hour days focusing on sugar paste flowers, wired flower arrangements, dusting applications, and pricing

Natalie Sideserf:
Hippopotamus Mini Class 

Where: That Takes The Cake, Round Rock Sports Center (Round Rock, Texas, USA)

Focus: Two hour mini class focusing on realistic hippo figurine in modeling chocolate and realistic painting techniques

Sachiko Windbiel & Michelle Boyd:
Figurine Modeling, Cocoa Butter Painting, and Isomalt Balloon Animals

Where: PME Cake Decorating, 2018 (Aurora, Illniois, USA)

Focus: Two 9-hour classes focusing on realistic figurine modeling, cocoa butter painting, and isomalt balloon animals.

Jarid Altmark:
Structure Smackdown Demo

Where: The Cake Bar Show, 2018 (Long Beach, California, USA)

Focus: 1 hour demo class focused on Cake Structures

Karen Portaleo:
Pig Head Sculpting Demo

Where: The Cake Bar Show, 2018 (Long Beach, California, USA)

Focus: 1 hour demo class focused on realistic pig head modeling

Rebekah Naomi Wilbur:
Cake Photography Class

Where: The Cake Bar Show, 2018 (Long Beach, California, USA)

Focus: 3 hour class focused on Cake Photography and getting published

Sachiko Windbiel:
Facial Expressions Class

Where: SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo, 2017 (Miami, USA)

Focus: One 4-hour class focusing on realistic facial expression.

Robert Haynes:
Apple Blossom Floral Masterclass

Where: SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo, 2017 (Miami, USA)

Focus: One 4 hour class focusing on realistic apple blossoms, buds, leaves, and branches.

Karen Portaleo:
Baby Mermaid Bust

Where: Stacked, 2016 (Virginia, USA)

Focus: Two 8 hour days focusing on sculpting and facial features.

Michelle Boyd:
Painting With Cocoa Butter

Where: America's Baking and Sweets Show, 2014 (Illinois, USA)

Focus: 2 hours hands on class learning to paint with cocoa butter.

Lisa Berczel:
Wafer Paper Floating Lotus Flower, Tree Topper, and Fantasy Flowers

Where:  Chicago Hilton, 2013 (Chicago, USA)

Focus: Two 8 hour days focusing on the versatility of wafer paper. Making a floating cake topper, a tree cake topper, and fantastical flowers. 

College Of Dupage
Baking & Pastry Arts Degree

Where:  Glen Ellyn, 2012-2013 (Illinois, USA)

Focus: Baking & Pastry Arts

Work History

ECBG Cake + Pastry Studio

Chicago, Illinois

Fondant and Cake Artist

September 2018- Present

Toni Patisserie

Hinsdale, Illinois

Cake Decorator

November 2014- June 2019

John Dough Bakery

Lisle, Illinois

Cake Decorator

September 2014- November 2014

DeEtta's Bakery

Naperville, Illinois

Cake Decorator

February 2014- August 2014

Cookies by Design

Naperville, Illinois

Cookie Decorator

June 2012- January 2014


Naperville, Illinois

Cake Decorator

January 2012- June 2012

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