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Cakes by Kristi is not accepting any cake or topper orders at this time due to growing concerns over COVID-19.

Molds, Cardstock Cake Toppers, Pins, and Stickers can still be ordered through Etsy

How To Order

Decide what Flavors you would like VIEW FLAVOR GUIDE          




Decide How Many People You Need To Serve & The Size You Would Like                 




Decide What You Want Your Cake To Look Like

Here's Some Suggestions on What You Should Consider When Choosing Your Cake Design:

                                                  -Look at pictures of cakes online, in books, or other sources.

                                                  -What shape do you want your cake (Round, Square, Heart, etc)?

                                                  -What colors do you want to be used in the cake design?

                                                  -Bring/send in a photo of a cake (or cakes) that you like.

                                                  -Do you have anything non edible you want on the cake (Real Flowers, toppers, etc)?

                                                  -Draw up what you want your cake to look like (if you're artistically inclined), or have me draw it up for you.

                                                  -Define your budget, and plan accordingly. (The more detailed the cake, the more the labor costs)


Contact Me!



Through this site:

Ordering a custom cake? What You're actually paying for
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