Big Apple Fest 2018 + New Tutorial!

This past weekend Bob and I attended Big Apple Fest in Oneida, Wisconsin! If you have never been, you should try and go next year- especially if you like apples! The fest is at the Oneida Cultural Heritage Village and it is not only fun and educational, but free too! And as a bonus they will shuttle you to the Oneida Nation Apple Orchard (for free) and you can pick your own apples! Now if you have been following my work, you know my pie won Best Looking Pie at last years fest! So I HAD to go back this year and defend my title! So did I do it? Did I defend my title? Yes! See BOTH my award winning pies below: 2018 Pie 2017 Pi

Show Me Medals, Erm, I Mean Sweets Show

Well guys, last weekend was a TON of fun, and if you were at the Show Me Sweets Show, you know why! But if you weren't, read this post so you will want to come next year! Now before I get too excited about this post, I want to start by saying THANK YOU to my amazing friend Zawadi for letting me fill our hotel room with all my cake supplies and competition pieces. I am NOT kidding when I say that our room was covered in tiny pieces of styrofoam. Like, we were waking up with it IN OUR HAIR. We were lucky that it was a suite, because my stuff took up a whole room. No joke. Here I am pictured with my cake friends Zawadi and Shaile! Now moving on to the exciting part- the competitions! I was luck

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